Almost earthy, this refined creation centers and calms with an air of elegance and sensuality. It is warm yet bright, extremely clean and fresh but comforting at the same time. Sophisticated and modern, it goes through spicy and floral motions but dries down with a hint of powder that’s wonderfully gender neutral. Scent is incomparable, as powerful as it is subtle. Unique and mysterious, Vetiver is absolutely riveting.  Subtle but so present, the warm, woody aroma adds a cosmopolitan element to any fragrance wardrobe. .

What functional fragrances are:
Essential oils offer more than simply nice aromas; they contain plant compounds with active, healing  properties. Opposite to synthetic fragrances,  pure  essential oils contain constituents that work with your body’s chemistry for synergistic, healing results.  An essential oil can be attributed anything from antibacterial to anxiety relieving properties. 


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Skin benefits:
Orris has powerful and positive benefits far beyond how it smells. In fact, this root has fundamental healing and medicinal qualities. While cleansing your skin is imperative for a healthy and vibrant face, because of how delicate the skin can be, it must also be purified. Orris root has the ability  to purify the skin. This means that it will eliminate much of what negatively affects the skin that other oils and facial cleansers can’t.  Free radicals, dander, pollen, and the smallest particles that can take refuge on the face – Orris oil wipes them right away. The properties within the oil can also help to give you smoother skin. This will result in glowing skin that is smooth to the touch. It will look youthful and radiant in appearance. It also helps to properly even out the skin tone and have your skin appear all one color.  

Vetiver essential oil is  cicatrizing, and anti-septic. A cicatrizing substance is one that  heals a wound by forming new tissues on and around the affected area. Therefore, vetiver can be used for stretch marks, burns, and dark spots on the skin. Vetiver, also being an anti-septic, is extremely effective for acne treatment and healing. It exhibits very strong anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. The acne causing bacteria do not find favorable conditions for growth in the presence of the anti-bacterial agents of Vetiver oil. This gives freedom from long-term acne outburst too. The strong anti-inflammatory agents in Vetiver oil trigger the repair process of the acne inflamed skin. This eventually makes the skin toned, even and blemish free. It also keeps a check on future acne outbreak. This amazing oil reduces external skin inflammation. It reduces the appearance of rashes and skin redness caused due to sun damage. The oil is also very nourishing and hydrating for the skin and moistens any dryness or cracking of the skin. Loaded with antioxidants and hydrating qualities, Vetiver essential oil is definitely fighting the war on  premature aging.

Aromatherapy Blend:  Orris helps minimize fatigue and poor concentration. Helps balance the mind, dissolves mental or emotional blocks. Orris stimulates creativity, intuition and love. Vetiver is very stabilizing.  Good for depression, balancing mood swings and for a sense of grounding and calming when life feels out of control. It also helps soothe feelings of anger.  

Orris oil: The most expensive raw material in the perfume world, is the root of Sweet Iris Flower (Orris) and takes up to five years to cultivate.  Tenaciously flowery, violet, powdery, rooty and woody. It is beautiful, having both a fixative and an exalting effect.  Vetiver: Woody, smokey, earthy, herbaceous and spicy.


Use: Apply to your warm pulse points such as inside your wrists, elbows and knees as often as desired. Don’t rub! Our skin loving oil will absorb quickly leaving the fragrance on your warm skin. A little goes a long way.   As a functional fragrance you can use it freely on your face as a mini facial treatment, which is light, effective and youth preserving. Always available in your purse or pocket when you need an emotional pick–me–up or some loving skincare.