Essential oils offer more than simply nice aromas; they contain plant compounds with active, healing  properties. Opposite to synthetic fragrances, pure essential oils contain constituents that work with your body’s chemistry for synergistic, healing results.  An essential oil can be attributed anything from antibacterial to anxiety relieving properties.  

Blue Lotus symbolizes the purity of the spiritual life of man, for “as the flowers have their roots in the water, but float above in sunlight, so the soul of man rises above the earth life”.  Blue Lotus smells rich and exotic. It smells like it has a deep, mysterious story that is aching to unfold. It is truly a delight to all the senses.

0.34 oz. | 10 mL glass bottle with roller

Ingredients: Capric Triglycerides (Fractionated Coconut Oil), Nymphala Caerules (Blue Lotus) Flower Oil.

: 24 months after production date.
Due to natural ingredients, color of oil may vary.


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Skin benefits: Blue Lotus essential oil possesses flavonoids and polysaccharides which act as an antioxidants, moisturizers and anti-inflammatory. Blue Lotus essential oil possesses anti-aging properties which assist to repair the proteins. This application of this oil provides beautiful and smooth skin and improves complexion. The constituents of Blue Lotus flower are phosphorus, linoleic acid, vitamin C and B,  iron and protein. The cooling and soothing properties of Lotus essential oil promotes the skin condition and texture. The astringent property of lotus essential oil treats the pimples and blemishes, all the while making you smell good with it's intensely floral, soft, earthy and sweet smelling fragrance.

Aromatherapy Blend: Calming, unifying, centering – enhances the mood, clears the mind and strengthens connection to source. Pease and clarity. It is rich in fragrance which provides a feeling of peacefulness. It has got floral and earthy fragrance. The fragrance inspires the body to breathe more deeply.  The relaxation effects of Blue Lotus essential oil increase the feeling of tranquility. It is considered as the most expensive aromatherapy element in the market because its extraction process is also costly and the oil itself scarce.

Blue lotus blossom oil:  Empowering notes of deep floral bliss invoke feelings of beauty and sensuality.  Intensely relaxing, euphoric.  Immersive intoxicating rich blue ribbon hints of vanilla candy.  Returns to childhood instantly and induces smiles.

Use: Apply to your warm pulse points such as inside your wrists, elbows and knees as often as desired. Don’t rub! Our skin loving oil will absorb quickly leaving the fragrance on your warm skin. A little goes a long way. As a functional fragrance you can use it freely on your face as a mini facial treatment, which is light, effective and youth preserving. Always available in your purse or pocket when you need an emotional pick–me–up or some loving skincare.