Natural beeswax balm with Olive oil & Chamomile, handmade,100mL., family size

Natural, Handmade,  Soothing, Chamomile & Beeswax Balm with Extra Virgin Olive Oil, for the hands, lips, body, feet, elbows. 

For all ages, and all skin types.


  • Handmade in small batches. Handmade in small batches.
  • Natural product. Friendly to the environment. Natural product. Friendly to the environment.
  • Not tested on animals. Not tested on animals.

Unrefined Beeswax, Extra Virgin Olive Oil,  Chamomile Balm.  All purpose, family sized.

Ideal for adults as a natural skin moisturizer, and for babies as a diaper rush ointment. So pure, that you can smell the olive oil and the unrefined beeswax’s, honey-like, scent.  Infused with Chamomile blossoms.  

Helps the skin to naturally heal and protects gardener's hands, soothes minor burns and abrasions, chapped and chafed skin. Leaves a protective breathable layer that feels very comfortable. Safe for sensitive skin. No preservatives, no scents or colors added. 

Net vol. 100mL 

- Fragrance free
- Preservatives free
- No animal fats
- No petroleum
- Biodegradable and hypoallergenic.
- Respects and does not pollute the environment.
- Has not been tested on animals. 


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