Premium Cast, Donkey Milk & Silk natural soap, 120g., lux packaging

Natural soap, handmade with pure olive oil and only botanical ingredients. 



Handmade in small batches.


Natural product. Friendly to the environment.


Not tested on animals.

Skin repair

The rich composition of Asine milk with high levels of protein, 

phospholipid and ceramides make it excellent for anti-aging.

It restructures and revives the face with great results. 

Recommended for eczema, dry skin, psoriasis.

Made with fresh  organic donkey milk. Ideal for all skin types, including babies, children, and anyone with extremely sensitive skin. While all of our handmade soaps are chemicals-free, we realize that some essential oils may still irritate individuals with sensitive skin, making this soap an ideal selection as it contains no essential oils.  

Fresh weight 120g. | 4,23oz

- Fragrance free
- Preservatives free
- No animal fats 
- Biodegradable and hypoallergenic. 
- Respects and does not pollute the environment. 
- Has not been tested on animals. 
- The percentage of olive oil we use, reaches 100%.

We create our soap, without boiling the natural oils, or adding salt. During the cold process method, exactly because no heating is used and the glycerine which is produced during the saponification procedure, is retained within the soap. Saponification is not achieved rapidly by utilising excessive heating, but it carries on for hours and hours inside the moulded soap. Our soap, consequently is rich in glycerine, pertains all the natural properties of raw unprocessed olive oil and is ecological and biodegradable. After saponification, our soap is cut, stamped and packaged by hand, after it has aged for 6- 8 weeks in a special room with natural ventilation.


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A truly beautifying and skin softening mask. Great to use as a fast pick-me-up for your skin or anytime your skin needs some extra nourishing and care. No fillers – only pure skin softening botanicals and clay in this mask.