Chamomile Calendula, 90g
This toopure natural soap, with chamomile
and calendula extracts, is suitable for facial cleansing.
Its special composition with natural extracts
and vitamins provides deep moisturization,
bolsters the natural process
of skin regeneration and improves its elasticity. 

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Zero waste shampoo and conditioner

Rosemary nettle sage hair & body wash 90g. 

Our toopure shampoo bar is packed
with nettle and marshmallow
(althaea officinalis) root powder.
Nettle powder is a natural hair fortifier
as it is rich in minerals and vitamins. 
Marshmallow softens and works
as a conditioner for the hair.

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All natural balm relieves skin rashes, itching, dry skin, eczema, cracked hands.
Handmade Plastic free, cruelty free, moisturizing. -100ml

Calendula Salve

Naturally soothing and anti inflammatory.

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Luxury scented candle

Linen & White Gardenia 

Handpoured coconut - soy wax candles. All natural.

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