All natural face oil

Blue Tansy

balancing facial oil. Meet the new floral oil that will radically change your life.

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Healthy life with

Natural Skincare

Effortless, dependable and comfortable, our "raw" products are made with natural food grade ingredients, in small batches in the sun-loved Greece.

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Cold Process 

Olive Tree 

liquid soap. Mild, without preservatives or perfume. Made with traditional environmentally friendly methods.

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Healthy life with

Natural soap

Handmade with super effective clays for an improved complexion.

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Natural facial mask

Pink Clay,
Rose Petals
& Chamomile 

Naturally soothing and anti inflammatory.

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Pink clay soap

Wild Rose

Pleasantly cleanses, and helps balance the skin lipids. Traditionally handmade with olive oil.

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E&A PURE BEAUTY produces, wholesales and exports authentic, handmade, 100% Extra Virgin, Greek Olive oil soap, traditional balms and botanical Bath & Bodycare products for adults and children.

Every bodycare product we create contains the finest natural ingredients, emphasizing on plant-based, organic and food grade ingredients. Each ingredient is included for it´s therapeutic properties providing a specific skin benefit. No animal testing is conducted on our products or ingredients. Our oils (carrier and essential oils) are cold-pressed or steam distilled. These are the finest extraction methods available and lead to truly high quality oils. All products are handmade with extra care, in Greece.

They are truly "green", earth born products, not greenwashed.

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Organic Natural effective skincare. Cruelty free.

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